Psalm 45

God, you are Yahweh Elohe Yisrael,
the Lord God of Israel.
You chose the children of Israel;
you lifted them above other nations.
You did not choose them
because of their greatness.
You chose them in your grace.

Why did you separate Israel to your Name?
You did so to demonstrate your glory.
Through Israel you declared your truth.
Your relationship with your chosen children
is an example of truth for us.
May we learn from Israel;
may we take to heart the lessons of history.

O Lord! What have you taught us?
You have shown us your unending mercy
as you were faithful to Israel in its unfaithfulness.
You have declared your purposes to stand
as you brought prophecy to fruition.
You have demonstrated that your choice is sovereign
as you set up kings and deposed them.

What more have you given us through your chosen people?
A Savior!
Your Son was born into the nation of Israel.
He grew up among the Jews,
with compassion on your people.
He fulfilled the prophecies
spoken in the Old Testament.

O Lord, what you promised to Abraham is fulfilled!
I have come to you because you blessed his seed.
Through Israel comes truth and salvation.
Lord, thank you for choosing a nation as your own.
Thank you for showing me who you are through Israel.
Yes, you are Yahweh Elohe Yisrael,
and through Israel your glory has shone.


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