Psalm 84

Lord, I need your stamina.
My life is so busy,
so full and so stressed.
Produce a peace in me
that goes beyond my own ability.
Give me your Spirit
to calm my innermost being.

Psalm 83

Lord, I pray for your people.
Do not let them despair
when they see the wicked prosper.
Let them remember that evil
will be conquered by you.
Keep us holding tightly to the truth,
maintaining our integrity.
Let us seek to glorify you
and to trust your hand in our lives.
Give us strength, O Father.

Psalm 82

Lord, give me stamina when I have none.
Give me grace when I fail.
Give me strength when I fall.
Give me life when I face darkness.
Give me joy when I meet trials.

Give me a thankful heart,
at all times and in all ways.
Make me a joy to you,
a reflection of Christ.

Psalm 80

Lord, I thank you that you don't think me silly
for saying that I truly thank you for pumpkins.
I thank you for the Fall, my favorite season,
a time not too hot, not too cold,
a time to enjoy the out of doors.
I thank you for pumpkins,
my favorite sight and taste of Fall.
I love their bright orange color,
so alive and so happy
and for their inner yumminess
as I gobble up pumpkin treats.
God, all creation is from your hand
so pumpkins come from you.
Thank you for this fruit, this squash
that just makes me smile all Fall
because when I smile at it,
in truth, I am smiling at you.

Psalm 79

Lord, make us defenders of the weak.
Give us the courage to stand up,
to fight for those who have no defense.
May our decisions be based not on selfish motive,
but on defending the least among us.
A righteous man takes up the case of the infant, the orphan, the widow,
but a wicked man tramples on the least to his own detriment.
Let us be righteous!
Stand strong, stand tall,
speak what is true!

Psalm 78

Protect, my child, O Lord;
Keep her safe in your hands.
Fill me with trust in you,
knowing you love my little girl.
You formed her,
you knit her in my womb.
May she grow strong and wise,
and become a reflection of your Son.

Psalm 77

Lord, grant me wisdom in making decisions.
Show me the path I should take.
Let my feet go where your will directs.
Do not let me move astray.
Give me bravery to change as necessary.