Psalm 39

(FYI, I plan on getting back to my names of God psalms next psalm.)

O Lord, the hindrances!
Why is it so easy to give up?
Why do I let busyness
tear me away from you?
You are my life!
Everything I have,
everything I am,
comes from you.
Can I not preserve time for you?
Lord, motivate me
to make the time!
May my passion for you
overwhelm my desire for
mindlessly entertaining myself.
Throw off the fetters of
exhaustion from my mind.
Give me a clarity
that pulls me into
meditation of you.
Lord, recapture my time!


WOW, I could cry this out right now. I think I will! Thank you for sharing!


No problem! I think this one of the common problems for humans: time and how to manage it!


This is beautiful.
You're a great writer and this is an awesome idea.


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