Psalm 92

The wonder of your creation,
the glory of your skies,
made for us to see,
the power in your hands,
the beauty of your works.
Nature is your gift
to show us that you are here,
to reveal your very nature,
your order and your design.
To you alone the glory is to be given
for what we see above.

Psalm 91

Thank you for life and breath;
thank you for making me in your image.
You saw me, O Lord, before I was formed;
you knew when I would live
and who I would be.
You have always been with me,
each step of the way.
On this special day,
I remember that my life comes from you
and every blessing I have is from your hand.

Psalm 90

Father God,Constant Sustainer,
Weaver of Life, Creator of Light,
Patient Master, Guiding Shepherd,
Valiant Protector, Stouthearted Warrior,
Quiet Whisper, Roaring Lion,
Worthy King, Mighty Prince.

You are everything, my God, my Lord,
you are all to me.
Without you, my life has no meaning;
I am without a path.
It is you I follow,
you I trust,
you I will walk after,
you who picks me up when I fall.
To you, I give myself and my life.