Psalm 40

El Roi, God Who Sees:
You oversee all your creation.
You care for even the
lilies of the field,
the sparrows of the air.
What you have made
is precious in your sight.
You do not make and abandon.
You watch and you provide.

O how beloved is your highest creation, man!
You discern his every thought and way.
You seek out man to draw him to yourself.
You speak into man words of life.
You see us, El Roi, beyond outward appearance;
you penetrate into the heart.
Your desire is to guide us in your way,
to show us what you see.

O El Roi, open our eyes!
Let us answer your gaze
with true hearts of faith.
May we take comfort
in a God who sees us.
May we feel your
presence day in and out.
May we never forget
that you watch over us,
our All-Seeing God.


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