Psalm 37

El Elyon, God Most High:
There is no god like you.
You are above all earthly powers,
you reign over the supernatural realm.
No one can thwart your authority;
your might exceeds the strength of all others.

You are outside the universe,
external to space and time.
You are not bound by your creation.
You are boundless, infinite,
the always existent eternal.
There is no one like you.

Yet you choose to know your creation.
You enter time and space
to know us, to speak to us.
We are blessed at your appearance,
your appearance among us.
Your special revelation draws us to you.

There is nothing in life more sacred than you.
Who can be fully trusted but He who is above all?
It is you who holds time and place in your hands.
I will trust in my highest God.
He will be my absolute guide.
Glory to El Elyon, God Most High!


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