Psalm 63

Protect those who are assaulted
by the wicked, O Lord.
Guard those who are attacked
by wolves in sheep's clothing.
Bring comfort to him who stands,
to him who grieves.
Do not let the hurting
be unaware of your presence.
Show yourself ever present,
the Lord of those who call on your name.

Psalm 62

When we live an independent life,
it is easy to be self-focused.
Lord, we forget that we are one
in a world of many.
Lord, break down our selfish hearts,
turn out our selfish thoughts.
Bring our emotions and our minds
into alignment with yours.
Make us love what you love.
Make us as Christ.
Give us eyes to see outside ourselves
and feet to walk out this truth,
ears to hear the words of others
and hands to answer their needs.
Lord, change our hearts.
Let us look at others
as well as we look at ourselves.

Psalm 61

Why do we say, O Lord,
"I deserve such and such"?
We are presumptuous
and self-focused.
What have we done,
what has made us so great?
Did we create the world?
Is the universe resting in our hands?
Can we bring the rain?
Can we stop the floods?
Do we form the flesh?
Do we choose our abilities?

O Man, everything you have,
everything you are is from the Lord.
There is nothing you can do,
no act you can perform,
that makes you deserving of grace.
Grace isn't grace if you have earned it.
Praise the Lord for His gifts!
Do not praise yourself
in haughty arrogance.
Humble yourself before your God.
Bow at His feet and
honor He who has provided for you.

Psalm 60

You are faithful protector, O my Lord!
When I was threatened,
when harm was imminent,
when men gathered to hurt me,
you came to my rescue.

Lord, you preserve my life,
you protect my family.
You are a shield around me
and a sword in front of me.
You stand before my enemy.

Who can I fear when the Lord is for me?
There is none who can conquer His purposes.
His will for me will stand assured.
My life is in God's hands,
therefore, I will worship His name.

Psalm 59

Time is precious,
a gift from the Lord.
Cherish every moment,
every day the Lord gives you.

Yes, there is eternity,
but life now is not meaningless.
God has put us here, now,
for His purpose and plan.

Enjoy the life you have.
Do not let it slip by.
Honor God by living truly,
living joyfully, living fully.

God, the creator of time,
calls you to use it well.
Your charge, O man?
Make the best out of each and every day.

Psalm 58

Lord, you are the creator of family.
Without your nature, your character,
fellowship would not exist.
Was it not you who declared,
"It is not good for man to be alone?"
Is it not you that created the woman,
that blessed the first couple with children?
You desired your highest creation
to experience love and intimacy,
union and community
for within you exist these attributes.
Father, Son and Spirit, three-in-one,
share communion and thus
we men as reflections of the image of God
cry out for relationship.
Thank you, Lord, for making us as we are.
May each of us seek true love,
true fellowship, true intimacy
and honor you.

Psalm 57

Without you, my God,
I am steeped in sin.
You are Yahweh M'Kaddesh,
The Lord Who Makes Holy.

I long to be clean,
to think pure thoughts,
to act with unstained motives.

Sin longs to have me;
it creeps at my door,
begging for entry.

O stand by my side, my God!
Defeat the sin within me.
Make me holy as you are holy.
I want to be sanctified.

Holy Spirit, fill me completely.
Discard the dregs of my life;
skim off the dross so my gold shines.

Yahweh M'Kaddesh,
make me like you,
a reflection of true holiness.

Psalm 56

Lord, you give rest to the weary;
you watch over me at night.
As the moon shines her light on the earth,
so you shine on us even in sleep.
You command our worries to cease,
and silence our problems in repose.
Give me peace on my bed, O Lord.
Let my dreams speak of joy in you.
Revive my body and soul
through the quiet of night
that I may face a new day
with a refreshed mind and heart.