Psalm 34

Your Tabernacle, O Lord, brings revelation to us!
In the courtyard, we remember:
The white garments, our sin covering.
The sacrifices, our sin offering.
The laver, our cleansing from sin.

In the Holy Place, we remember:
The lampstand, the light of your presence.
The shew bread, the sustenance of your presence.
The altar of incense, our prayers in your presence.

In the Holy of Holies, we remember:
The veil, cover of your mercy.
The Ark of the Covenant, your law, your reality.
The Mercy Seat, your atonement for man.

Lord, may we come in from the courtyard!
May we remember your son's sacrifice,
that which covers us in pure righteousness,
that which cleanses us as water cleanses hands.

Lord, may we move through the Holy Place,
Seeing the glorious light of who you are,
tasting the sustaining flesh of your Son,
smelling the sweetness of our answered prayers.

Lord, may we enter the Holy of Holies,
as the veil torn leads us to forgiveness,
as we learn you are completely pure, holy,
and you speak our depravity fallen under grace!

Your Tabernacle! Your symbol!
Your visual aid created to teach us!
May we learn your lesson well
and always praise you for your revealing Tabernacle!

I wrote this Psalm as a response to and reflection on The Tabernacle Experience. My husband, daughter and I went to this experience, where you move through a life size replica of the Tabernacle. A narrator, via an MP3 player, guides you through the Tabernacle. Not only do you walk through it, but you also interact with it: You carry white linen with you, reminding you of the priests who wore white linen to represent a covering for sin. You throw wood on the altar to represent your own sacrifice for sin. You wash your hands in the laver, a symbol of cleansing. You light the lamp stand, remembering God's light. You eat the bread dipped in wine, a symbol of Jesus' sacrifice. You take the incense from the altar and enter the Holy of Holies, representing your prayers to God. And you stand in front of the Ark of the Covenant, awed by the Mercy Seat of God that covers the law we can never keep. It was a breathtaking experience. It brought the Tabernacle to life and put an indelible memory into my mind of what God meant the Tabernacle to be: a representation of Christ who was to come and be the final sacrifice through whom we obtain mercy and are covered in God's holiness. Wow! I think one of the neatest experiences was moving from the outer courtyard into the Holy Place. Just even the act of moving from this bright sunlight into a darker place gave me a sense of awe and holy seriousness, and also a feeling of comfort. Then moving into the Holy of Holies, an even darker place, holding the incense and smelling it and seeing the's hard to put into words. I think I got just a glimpse of what it was like for the High Priest. How holy that time was for him and how awesome.

Psalm 33

You have sustained me, my God.
I have made it through.
Though I stumbled, though I struggled,
you never abandoned me.

O my God! You are my rock.
When all else is turbulent,
when oceans engulf me,
you steady my hand.

Without you as my Captain,
I would falter and drown.
It is your mighty care
that keeps me afloat.

Thank you, my Lord,
for standing next to me,
guiding the wheel of my ship.
protecting me from the shoals.

The Lord, my Captain,
my rock, my protector.
All praise be given to He
who is Master of my life.

Psalm 32

Lord, you have blessed me
with both a job and ministry.
Keep me ever mindful
that my employment is a blessing.
Even with its challenges,
even when I'm so busy,
let me be thankful.
I thank you for what you have made me,
how you use my talents and gifts.
My work is for you, O Lord,
and this should sustain me.
May the work of my mind and my hands
be pleasing in your sight.

Psalm 31

Thank you, Lord, for a good day.
Thank you for family.
Thank you for my baby.
Thank you for a helpful husband.
Thank you for rest.
Thank you for forgiveness.
Thank you for your Son.
Lord, there is so much to thank you for.
Help me to always remember
that everyday I live is a day to be thankful.

Psalm 30

Lord, what can I say?
I am exhausted;
my body wastes away
and my mind is tired.

Lord, give me stamina.
Help me to maintain
in the midst of sickness.
Heal me.

O Lord, I depend on you.
No matter what,
you are my sustainer.
Sustain me, now, my Provider God.

Psalm 29

Lord, I am tired.
I feel stressed, worried,
burdens weighing upon me.
Give me peace,
give me calm.
Keep my focus on you
instead of on my circumstances.
Lord, open the way to times
with a clearer mind.

Psalm 28

I praise you, O God, for this beautiful day!
Sunshine fills my spirit with joy!
O thank you for light and warmth,
for energy in the air.
Glorious is the day in your sight,
the day that you give to man.
Lord, thank you for a time to feel life,
to know that Spring is coming.
Praise to the Lord of seasons,
who changes them in due time with His hand.
You, O Lord, are our Magnificent Creator!

Psalm 27

Lord, comfort my tired body.
Give me good rest tonight.
Let your hand of peace
be my guide in the night.

Psalm 26

Lord, protect my nights.
Worries and fears interrupt me;
my mind is afraid.
Lord, make my trust strong,
make my trust steadfast.
When worry creeps in,
when fear appears,
remind me of your faithfulness.
May my mind rest in your promises,
the truth that your love is everlasting.
Banish disturbing thoughts
and put my mind at peace.
Lord, you are my Almighty God;
in you I will ever trust.

Psalm 25

Thank you, Father, for rest,
for time to relax and rejuvenate.
Thank you for time with family,
for time with no pressure.
Lord, it is a blessing
to rest, to feel no worries.
Thank you for your gift this day,
for a simple, precious respite
from the labors of the week.

Psalm 24

O Lord, calm my frustrations;
bring peace to my heart.
When anger arises, keep me focused
on your truth and presence.

Lord, emotions are strong;
at times they dominate me.
Spirit, help me to control
the feelings within.

Like reigns on a horse,
may my passions be mastered by me;
May I not be commanded by
my overwhelming passions.

I praise you, Lord, for your serenity;
this is what brings me back to sanity.
Lord, my Almighty Guide, keep me always
under your precious sovereignty.