Psalm 113

My heart grew troubled,
my soul groaned within me
as I observed the ways of the ignorant.
I saw those who blind themselves to the Lord,
who ignore his existence and his statutes.
I saw how they prospered,
how power fell into their hands.
Wealth they have in abundance,
yet they waste it on trivial nothings.
Sinners dominate the culture,
they draw others in with their sin.
Those who are lawless are honored
and those who deny God lauded.
I asked myself, "Why is this so?
Why has God allowed the wicked to prosper?"

My thoughts were helpless
and my mood downhearted
until I remembered the truth.
The end of the wicked is to come.
The ignorant have gained their reward on the earth;
they have gained the love of men.
Those who seek the love of men
will find emptiness on the Day of Judgment.
I realized, O Lord, that those who love you,
those who serve Yahweh,
they will receive their reward at the end of time.
The righteous will stand on that day,
but the sinner will fall.
Though the wicked prosper now,
their downfall is assured.

I look to the faults of culture,
to a nation awash in sin,
to a country flaunting iniquity.
I know, O Lord, even if your people are slandered,
if believers are reduced to but a few,
if Christians are mocked and despised,
you, O Mighty God, still reign.
The Lord is King of Nations,
God of Hosts,
and He will come to judge,
to proclaim his justice from the mountain tops.
The Son of God will reign
and all will bow before Him.
This, my God, is my hope,
and I put my trust in you.

Psalm 112

Take heed, all you who decry God's creation,
who ignore the Almighty's handiwork!
For the power of our God has created;
His hand has designed all we see.
To deny His work,
to be deaf to His speech,
is a way to judgment.
Bow before the Almighty God today
while it is still called today.
Preserve your life
and acknowledge the Author of All.

Psalm 111

You are Yahweh,
I AM that I AM,
created by no one;
existing in self-sufficiency,
you need no one to live;
acting self-directed,
you do as you please;
living eternally,
you have no beginning and no end;
displaying consistency,
you remain immutable.

Is there any being like Yahweh?
None can compare.
No being in existence can claim he is
self-existent, self-sufficient, self-directed,
eternal and consistent in existence.
If there is no being like Yahweh,
then who do I trust?
I must trust Yahweh,
he who can see all ends,
he who alone knows the depth of man.
LORD, remind me at all times
that you alone are the sustaining force of my life.