Psalm 36

Yahweh, the personal Lord:
You come to us, O Lord.
You seek us out.
We reject you,
yet you pursue.

Yahweh, you desire relationship.
You come down to your people;
you descend so we may ascend.
You have no need of us,
yet you choose us.

Your compassion saves us;
your love compels us.
Without your mercy,
without your grace,
life is a wasteland.

Your faithfulness astounds us;
your commitment is irreversible.
You are slow to anger,
patient with our failures,
a guide to our way.

O Yahweh, O Personal Lord!
Your hand reaching down to me
overwhelms me.
Teach me to ever reach back;
make me your faithful child.


Thanks! I love God's name, Yahweh!


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