Psalm 41

Praise to El Shaddai, God Almighty!
No one holds the power of our God.
He is not restrained;
He is never held back.
His word is fulfilled;
His purposes come to fruition.

Who can stand against El Shaddai?
No one! He rules above all.
None can thwart
the power in His hand.
God Almighty subdues
all under His authority.

See the works of God Almighty!
He parts seas;
He throws back the winds;
He calms frothing oceans;
He speaks in fire;
He shakes mountains.

What can men do but bow
in the presence of God Almighty?
Fear your God, O Man,
your God of power.
Know that He reigns supreme,
He alone possesses control.

How blessed are the
children of God!
They need not fear man;
they do not fear the tempests.
They know that God Almighty is on their side;
El Shaddai is guard over their lives.


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