Psalm 48

God, you are Qedosh Yisrael,
the Holy One of Israel.
You are separate.
You have no fellowship with sin.
Wickedness is the antithesis of your nature.
In you, no darkness is found.
You are pure light.
You banish shadow with your very presence.
Before you, we are exposed.
We see our weak deeds;
we gaze upon our failings.
We realize that compared to you
we lack perfection.

Ah Qedosh Yahweh!
In your purity,
you do not despise.
You abhor the sin of man,
but man himself you take to your breast.
You remember that we are but dust.
How do we stand in your presence?
Do you veil yourself from us
as Moses covered his face?
No! You have made us holy!
We stand covered in Christ;
through Him we do not die in your courts.
O make me holy as you are holy!


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