Psalm 51

Who can save us?
When we look upon ourselves,
when we observe our actions,
it is evil that stands out.
We are not a people of pure hearts;
selfish motives drive our deeds.

We are in need of a savior;
someone to make us righteous.
Praise to Yahweh Tsidkenu,
the Lord is Our Righteousness!
It is God alone who confronts our evil
and deals with our sin.

The Lord demolishes wickedness.
He convicts so we change.
He disciplines so we correct.
He does not seek our harm;
He seeks our holiness.
He wants to make us like Himself.

When we follow the Lord,
when we live in His ways,
it is then that we are most satisfied.
Joy comes from a righteous heart.
If you would be joyful,
let Yahweh Tsidkenu work in you.


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