Psalm 53

O Lord, you are Attiq Yomin,
Ancient of Days.
Come to Attiq Yomin with
humility and reverent fear.
He is judge over all.
He alone knows the thoughts of the mind;
He discerns the motives of the heart.
He knows you as you truly are.
Come, come close to your God.
Be friends with Him while the day is here.
Night and shadow are coming
when the Ancient of Days will arise
to gather His own under His wings
but also to condemn the wicked.
Choose the Lord as your Lord!
Give Him free reign in your life.
Let the blood of His son cover your sin
so you may stand, a light in the dark.
Attiq Yomin is coming;
His foot is on the doorstep.
Turn back to the Lord!
Turn back to your Righteous Judge!


I just love this one, Carissa. It's wonderful! - Elizabeth J.


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