Psalm 55

Who is the Lord?
He is Yahweh Rohi,
the Lord our Shepherd.
When we stray,
the Lord gently taps us with His staff,
redirecting us to the good path.
When we are lost,
the Lord seeks us over rough terrain,
then carries us home on His shoulders.
When we are needy,
the Lord guides us to full pastures,
so we relish in overabundance.
When we are threatened,
the Lord rises up against our enemy,
placing Himself in harm's way to defend us.
Where would we be without Yahweh Rohi?
We would be astray, lost, needy, threatened.
As it is, we are the Lord's flock
and so we are grounded, found, filled and at peace.
For this, let us give praise to our Divine Shepherd!


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