Psalm 55

Who is the Lord?
He is Yahweh Rohi,
the Lord our Shepherd.
When we stray,
the Lord gently taps us with His staff,
redirecting us to the good path.
When we are lost,
the Lord seeks us over rough terrain,
then carries us home on His shoulders.
When we are needy,
the Lord guides us to full pastures,
so we relish in overabundance.
When we are threatened,
the Lord rises up against our enemy,
placing Himself in harm's way to defend us.
Where would we be without Yahweh Rohi?
We would be astray, lost, needy, threatened.
As it is, we are the Lord's flock
and so we are grounded, found, filled and at peace.
For this, let us give praise to our Divine Shepherd!

Psalm 54

Are you weary?
Are you sick?
Are you needy?
Are you lost?
Then come close to Yahweh Rapha,
The Lord Who Heals.

Yahweh Rapha is near to the hurting;
He gathers the broken under his wings.
He speaks "Comfort" and "Peace"
with a quiet, still voice.
He does not bruise the weak;
He tenderly cradles them in His hands.

Seek the Lord, your true healer!
Turn to Him in distress
for He will answer your cry.
Lean on Him when you are frail;
He alone can support your mind and heart.
He alone will heal your brokeness.

Psalm 53

O Lord, you are Attiq Yomin,
Ancient of Days.
Come to Attiq Yomin with
humility and reverent fear.
He is judge over all.
He alone knows the thoughts of the mind;
He discerns the motives of the heart.
He knows you as you truly are.
Come, come close to your God.
Be friends with Him while the day is here.
Night and shadow are coming
when the Ancient of Days will arise
to gather His own under His wings
but also to condemn the wicked.
Choose the Lord as your Lord!
Give Him free reign in your life.
Let the blood of His son cover your sin
so you may stand, a light in the dark.
Attiq Yomin is coming;
His foot is on the doorstep.
Turn back to the Lord!
Turn back to your Righteous Judge!

Psalm 52

Do not be afraid;
Yahweh Shammah,
the Lord is there.
The Lord walks alongside you.
He takes you by the hand;
He guides your feet.
Nothing can separate Him from you.
Darkness cannot hide Him;
shadow cannot contain Him.
Your sin will not deter Him;
your trials will not overcome Him.
The Lord's love is unconditional;
the Lord's presence is unstoppable.
You will never travel alone,
for God does not forsake you.
Take heart, beloved one!
Yahweh Shammah is
your ever present assurance.

Psalm 51

Who can save us?
When we look upon ourselves,
when we observe our actions,
it is evil that stands out.
We are not a people of pure hearts;
selfish motives drive our deeds.

We are in need of a savior;
someone to make us righteous.
Praise to Yahweh Tsidkenu,
the Lord is Our Righteousness!
It is God alone who confronts our evil
and deals with our sin.

The Lord demolishes wickedness.
He convicts so we change.
He disciplines so we correct.
He does not seek our harm;
He seeks our holiness.
He wants to make us like Himself.

When we follow the Lord,
when we live in His ways,
it is then that we are most satisfied.
Joy comes from a righteous heart.
If you would be joyful,
let Yahweh Tsidkenu work in you.

Psalm 50

Our God, you are from everlasting to everlasting;
you are El Olam, the Everlasting God!
You are eternal and infinite.
You have no beginning and no end.
You are He Who Exists.
You are utter absolute.
You are the only firm foundation.
Why trust in faulty men?
Why flee to fleeting lusts?
You cannot stand on deceit and weakness;
with these you will certainly fall.
There is nothing certain but the Lord.
Rely on He who never fails,
never falls, never lies, never dies.
Only God is your rock in a thunderous ocean.
Cling to what is sure!
Hold tight to El Olam!

Psalm 49

Mighty are you, Yahweh Sabaoth,
Lord of Hosts!
You are a warrior to your people.
Your sword is our defense,
your shield our protection.
When our relationship with you is threatened,
you arise to cut down our enemy.
When we sound the trumpet,
you demolish the evil within us.

How you long to be our safe-guard!
You alone can keep sin at bay.
Why do we tramp on alone,
fighting a losing battle?
Turn to Yahweh Sabaoth,
your faithful defender!
As you stand still before Him,
He will fight for you,
and His victory is assured.

Lamenting Is Worship!

This is definitely worth watching! Michael Card, singer and songwriter, explains how lamenting in the Bible is worship. This will bless you! It's a series of videos, but it will resonate with you and help you understand how to approach God in trials. I highly recommend taking the time to watch this!

Lamenting Is Worship

Psalm 48

God, you are Qedosh Yisrael,
the Holy One of Israel.
You are separate.
You have no fellowship with sin.
Wickedness is the antithesis of your nature.
In you, no darkness is found.
You are pure light.
You banish shadow with your very presence.
Before you, we are exposed.
We see our weak deeds;
we gaze upon our failings.
We realize that compared to you
we lack perfection.

Ah Qedosh Yahweh!
In your purity,
you do not despise.
You abhor the sin of man,
but man himself you take to your breast.
You remember that we are but dust.
How do we stand in your presence?
Do you veil yourself from us
as Moses covered his face?
No! You have made us holy!
We stand covered in Christ;
through Him we do not die in your courts.
O make me holy as you are holy!