Psalm 100

O Yahweh, hear my cry!
I live in a world of evil,
evil appears on every side.
Morals and values have disappeared
swallowed up in convenience and pride.
Time is a rushing stream,
people dive into it and are swept away.
They say, "I must fill my life with the flesh,
with every thing my eyes see as good."
There is no thought of restraint,
no contemplation of good or evil.

For satisfaction, citizens have given up their rights
so that they may be oppressed.
"Save us!" they cry to their leaders,
but their leaders answer in confusion,
a busy mockery themselves.
There is no salvation in the ways of men,
men lack eternity and a sovereign mind.
How can fallen man save fallen man?
Like blind men trying to cross a ditch
are those who trust in sinful man.
There is no hope in this way.

Lord, even the religious have forsaken truth!
They cling to traditions or rules,
they hold tightly to man's opinions.
They sing out, "Worship, worship!"
yet turn around and fill their actions with sin.
They make for themselves a cheap grace,
treading down the gift given to them.
Who is the man on the cross?
They want no true allegiance to him.
To love him they must obey,
but this they find too "hard" to bear.

But as for me, abolish sin in me.
I do not harbor evil in my heart,
may evil never rule over me.
Let me fix my eyes on your cross,
Jesus Christ, whose blood washes me.
May fruit grow forth from my life
out of a heart of obedience, of love.
May my allegiance be to the Lamb who was slain,
to the Lamb sacrificed on my behalf.
Make my life, O Lord, an offering,
an offering of truth, morality and inestimable value.


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