Psalm 68

I praise you, my Lord,
for your patience
and your everlasting love.
I praise you for your compassion,
for your heart that calls to us.
We hear our shepherd's voice
and we run to answer.
O Lord, you who longs to gather us
as a mother hen gathers her chicks,
you are the one whose wings
are steady, stable, a comfort.

Give us pause;
let us rest in your presence
and know that your heart of love
is unstoppable, unconditional, eternal,
a love no man can thwart,
no enemy can conquer.

I sit at your feet, my Lord,
I take your hand
as you draw me in.
In awe, I know I am held close
by the God of the universe.
He sees me, He knows me,
I am His and He will never leave me.

God, my God, my Lord!
To you alone I give my soul and my life
for I know you are trustworthy.
Your love is my guiding light,
clarity in the darkness.
I will walk in your path,
I will follow as you lead,
for I trust your love alone.

Psalm 67

A godly family is a blessing from the Lord.
Blessed are those whose foundation
and lineage is rooted in faith.
As a tree with a strong foundation,
so is a family founded on God.
May the branches of your tree
well up from the Source of Truth.
May your fruit express the
guidance of the faith of your fathers
and may your children grow up in your path.
May people look back upon your life
and praise your faithfulness to the name of the Lord.

Psalm 66

You are my God,
you are my Lord.
What have I on earth
that is more precious than you?
What is gold or silver,
what are possessions,
what is status
compared to you?
You alone satisfy.
Everything else is empty,
filling for a moment,
but never for a lifetime.

Oh, Lord, may I focus

on what is true,
what matters most,
and never pursue
that which fails.
You alone are
He that satisfies.

Psalm 65

Freedom is a gift from the Lord--
We must cherish it.
Do not become arrogant,
you who live in a wealthy nation.
Do not look down on your neighbors;
do not become prideful.
Watch out that you remember
to whom you owe your blessings.
Your status is not the work of your hands,
all gifts come from the Lord of Creation.

Share what you have been given.
May other nations call you blessed
and praise God when you give.
Do not hold back your mercy,
no, reflect the Lord's compassion.
Declare the Lord's truth
as you feed the hungry
and clothe the widow and orphan.
Produce fruit that proclaims
you know the value of freedom.

Psalm 64

Lord, help me overcome my fear!
Lord, I know you are with me.
I want to trust you wholly.
But my mind draws pictures of fear.
Calm my mind.
Give me implicit trust.
Let me obey and love you,
despite my fearful heart.