Psalm 68

I praise you, my Lord,
for your patience
and your everlasting love.
I praise you for your compassion,
for your heart that calls to us.
We hear our shepherd's voice
and we run to answer.
O Lord, you who longs to gather us
as a mother hen gathers her chicks,
you are the one whose wings
are steady, stable, a comfort.

Give us pause;
let us rest in your presence
and know that your heart of love
is unstoppable, unconditional, eternal,
a love no man can thwart,
no enemy can conquer.

I sit at your feet, my Lord,
I take your hand
as you draw me in.
In awe, I know I am held close
by the God of the universe.
He sees me, He knows me,
I am His and He will never leave me.

God, my God, my Lord!
To you alone I give my soul and my life
for I know you are trustworthy.
Your love is my guiding light,
clarity in the darkness.
I will walk in your path,
I will follow as you lead,
for I trust your love alone.


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