Psalm 6

Your hand has created man, O God,
and he is beautiful in your sight.
You chose to give him your image;
he is above all other creations.
In him you have placed eternal soul;
in him is creativity and design.

O praise the Lord's forming of man!
In the womb He weaves flesh and personality.
From two single cells He brings forth a child.
The child grows in his mother's belly,
nurtured by the Lord above.
The Lord oversees precious development.

See through eyes, created to view God's wonders!
Hear through ears, designed to capture sound!
Touch through hands, formed to explore sensation!
Smell through a nose, fashioned to sustain and enjoy!
Taste through a tongue, shaped to speak and to savor!
Yes, this is the Lord's blueprint for man brought to fruition.

And what more can I say?
Do I have time to laud the creation of a heart,
beating a continual pulse or
to extol the synapses of the brain,
the willful center of the human body?
What of the muscles, the skeleton, hair and mouth?

All of man's flesh is evidence of our God!
Who can escape His perfect design?
Yes, and more--through Him comes man's skills, gifts, abilities.
To sing, dance, write, play, heal, teach,
to learn, connect, analyze and judge.
These are God's works in man.

To speak further of God's marvels,
consider man who loves with passion,
man who communicates his thoughts,
who creates from his mind new invention
and conceives things yet to be seen.
These, too, are the Lord's doing in man.

O Man, how precious you are to the Lord!
Do not abandon He who has beget you as you are!
It is to Him you owe your life, your blessings, your soul!
Bow before your Creator and acknowledge His work on your behalf.
His loyal love reaches for you whom He shaped.
Reach back, O Man, for your Author waits!


Thanks! I just love how God has created us! He is so awesome!


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