Psalm 23

To those who are hurting,
who are sick or depressed,
cling to the Lord your God!
The Lord is ever present;
His promise to be with us stands.
If you cannot feel Him,
then know He is with you
and rest in this knowledge.
The Lord has His arms around you;
He carries you as His own.
The Lord is faithful to His children;
He never abandons them to fate.
Yes, the Lord is carrying you even now;
hold tightly to Him!
He will see you through
for He has a plan for you
and you will fulfill His plan.
Oh may you make the Lord your covering
and shield as He fights for you!


Amen, sis. Thank you for some good words!


WOW, thank you for this. Beautiful and such good words to hear. Thank you for sharing this. Do you mind if I post this on my Lyme blog? I will of course link to your blog and give you credit for it. Just beautiful Carissa


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