Psalm 96

My God is holy.
My God is just.
My God is love.

Holiness means He is wholly other.
Justice means He is fair and punishes evil.
Love means He seeks to draw us close to Him.

Love does not negate His holiness.
Love does not negate His justice.
Love must contain both holiness and justice.

For love does not delight in evil.
Love champions the powerless.
Love calls for absolute justice to be done.

My God is holy.
My God is just.
My God is love.

Psalm 95

You are the example.
Your life was yours.
You did not have to give it.
You could have called the angels to your rescue.

You did not.
You loved us completely.
You gave your back to the scourge.
You gave your hands to the nails.
You gave your life to darkness.

You are the Savior I look to.
You are the one who teaches me.
Me, a sinner, in need of an exemplar.
I the one who gazes on you.
I who chooses your truth.

I give my life for my enemy.
I give up my comfort.
I give up my rights.
I love others completely.
I do not seek my own.

I do not demand rescue from hardship.
I do not hold tightly myself.
My life is mine.
I choose to be an example of