Psalm 89

Lord, we come before you in thanksgiving.
We recognize your hand in the goodness of our lives.
The food we eat and the fellowship we share is of you.
The blessings we have been given, one after another,
are poured out from your heaven.

Lord, we come before you in prayer.
We pray for mercy and forgiveness for our sins.
We pray you pardon us for our selfishness,
for our willful ignorance, shoving you aside
when you should be our center.

Lord, on this Thanksgiving,
make us mindful of you.
Remind us who we are thankful to
and that without you
our lives lack all meaning.

To you, O Lord, I praise and give humble thanks!

Psalm 87

I want to find my worth in you.
I want to see myself as you see me.
I want to have your eyes, my God,
to look beyond my body and at my soul.
I want to change as I need to
but not stress over the trivial.
I want to be a reflection of Christ.
Let me see myself as the jar you have made me.

Psalm 86

Lord, heal me of this sickness.
Give me stamina where there is none.
Strengthen my body, O Healer of Men.
Let deep rest comfort me at night
and a revitalized body greet me in the morning.
I lean on you, My God,
to sustain me.

Psalm 85

Thank you, O Lord,
for blessings upon blessings,
the manifold grace and mercy
you have poured into my life.
I can never forget
the goodness of you in my life.
Bring me back to thankfulness
every step I take.
Make my mouth overflow
with thanksgiving to you.